kiln cambridge occupies a large single-floor, high-ceilinged studio space. This communal work space, with lots of natural light, contains high quality, hand-made, easy-to-clean work benches, twelve top of the range throwing wheels, a slab roller, and an extruder. The studio also boasts three kilns with high quality extraction systems.



We have three of the highest quality electric kilns, two very large L&L 28T top loaders (290l) and a Rohde top loading kiln.

30 litres of stoneware (oxidation) kiln space per month is included in the monthly membership. Any additional work will be fired at a small extra cost for members.



kiln cambridge has twelve top quality Shimpo Whisper wheels. These wheels are amongst the best wheels available for potters. They are extremely quiet, and can maintain a smooth speed even when centering a heavy load.



We will initially provide 10-12 different glazes in a range of colours and textures. We aim to increase the range depending on members’ preferences.

Our glazes are all stoneware-fired glazes and suitable for the standard firings provided as part of your membership. Use of the glazes is included in the membership fee.


Our clay comes from Potclays and is sold at trade prices from Kiln’s store. Our current range of clays is:

  • Draycott stoneware (an off-white, smooth throwing body)

  • Sanded buff stoneware (a grogged stoneware, good for handbuilding)

  • Fine vulcan black (beautiful dark clay body for both throwing and handbuilding)

  • JB porcelain (a smooth white plastic porcelain)

We are planning to add more choices in the future.